The Company

The Company

On Board With Jesus is a Christian clothing brand featuring high quality business casual attire for sophisticated Christian men. Men should be able to wear business attire with Christian messages to work. Since many jobs today require business casual dress, t-shirts aren’t an option. On Board With Jesus provides men with the high quality Christian polos, dress shirts, and slacks they need.

The Mission

To seek out and serve God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in all we do. To provide professional Christian business attire to sophisticated Christian men around the world so they can share Jesus’ love with everyone they meet.

The Products

We are launching with a men’s line of embroidered polo shirts. Soon we will be offering button up dress shirts. Over time, we will be adding dress pants, shorts, and accessories to our collection such as well.

The Designer

Follower is a Christian Fashion Designer who owns and operates Follower Fashion, Ltd. Follower Fashion has designed multiple brands including On Board With Jesus, Real Christian Life, Destined Daughter, Priceless Performer, Successful Son, and Graceful Daughter.

“For he has clothed me with garments of salvation…” – Isaiah 61:10